Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good news, Hangout Hackers!  hangoutiframer is now at v0.4.  Your app URLs will look like this:[yourfile]

There are new features since v0.2: dynamic height and an additional scope argument.

Dynamic Height

You may have noticed that hangoutiframer apps get an iframe that's exactly 1000px high.  NO MORE!  Now it will size to the available space.

Try it out with this app URL in your API console:

Additional Scope Parameter

If you want another OAuth 2.0 scope for your Hangout App, you can request it in the API console.  After that, you need to tell hangoutiframer to request it for you, like so:

That will change the .xml hangoutiframer creates to include this additional scope.

(Note: If you need two or more additional scopes, you will need to cut'n'paste the output of hangoutiframer, edit to add all your scopes, and host it yourself.)

Deprecation notice

In 30 days, I will be deprecating the v0.0 version of hangoutiframer, which are URLs in this form:[URL]

Please upgrade to v0.4 at your earliest convenience. Note that if you have not already, you will need to create an OAuth 2.0 client ID in your API Console.

Good luck!


  1. Do you know of any changes that may have occured to the API that could cause me to receive a (403) Access Not Configured error when clicking the Make authenticated REST API call? I've setup a Client ID under API Access and haven't edited the code.

  2. Hi, I'm trying to use hangoutiframer but something is wrong. My app stop working if I use hangoutiframer. No errors in chrome console, just 2 logs On client ready... and checking auth. My html file has and, same files that you use in app-that-resizes.html example. Can you give me a "tip"? What I need to look to undestand why hangoutiframer isn't work? thanks

    1. See:

      And look under "When something goes wrong". Among other things, you need to verify that you are actually serving the page you think you are.

      If you have more trouble, post the xml link to your app to:!forum/google-plus-developers

      and people will take a look. Good luck!

  3. Hey Wolff! I couldn't find your email so I'm just going to post this. I've patented a social media game using actors who act as avatars for online gamers. I've designed it so the technology would use the new Google Glass. Can we meet up on a hang out to discuss further? It's the next evolution in social media gaming! Gonna be BIG!!!! Let's collaborate! Peace - Kirk B.